Youth Ministry Launches Initial National Strategy

youth ministryKUWAIT: Ministry of State for Youth Affairs has launched its initial framework of the national strategy for the care of youth on the occasion of World Youth Day (WYD). The strategy is based on four premises; constitution of the State of Kuwait, Islam, genuine Kuwaiti values and visions of the top political leadership of the country, said the ministry in a statement yesterday. The ministry has officially launched its ambitious vision that tries its best to satisfy wishes and hopes of young aspiring people, the statement added.

The strategy aims to provide the best quality services to the youth in the State of Kuwait in order to achieve social stability and to link them to their community in a positive, effective manner through the use of the most convenient and recent means, it noted. The executive public policies of the ministry mainly focus on creating a national plan for the care of Kuwaiti youngsters, in collaboration with its partners, which is a comprehensive strategy, aimed at sensing the needs of youth and responding to them flexibly to guarantee further continuity of development, added the statement.

This strategy also aims to bring out the various unique features of the Kuwaiti society and strengthen the link between them and youth programs by giving priority to exploring the wishes and needs of the youngsters in order to grant and implement them in line with the order of priorities. The strategy’s work will focus on attracting and sponsoring all segments of youngsters in the Kuwaiti society and on promoting concepts of political awareness to consolidate proper democracy, the ministry noted.

The objectives of the strategy also aim to invest in the energy of Kuwaiti youth by enabling them to implement projects themselves and by providing them with the initiatives to actively help them to contribute in building the state, as well as encouraging the private sector to participate in supporting such energies. In the statement, the ministry confirmed the importance of expanding the scope of cooperation with the various bodies of the society, concerned with the youth, whether being profitable or non-profitable.

The Ministry of State for Youth Affairs noted that it will be a regulatory research body concerned with creating the national plan for the youth care in Kuwait through the launch of measurement indicators of quality control services for the youth within the state’s institutions. – KUNA

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