Yesterday in Kuwait’s history

Kuwait flagA glimpse of August 9 events in Kuwait’s history:

August 9, 1990:

  • The UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 662 considering Iraq’s annexation of the State of Kuwait null and void.
    The resolution states that council members are determined to end Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait and help the Kuwaiti people restore their homeland’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.
  • The US-led “Desert Shield” military operation was carried out on Saudi territories, with aim of protecting the Kingdom and liberating Kuwait. Iraq closed its borders and hundreds of foreigners, Arabs and Asians were stranded in Iraq and Kuwait.
  • The Iraqi government ordered all diplomatic missions in Kuwait to move offices to Baghdad within a deadline period of two weeks.

August 9, 2000:

The State of Kuwait and the United States signed a medical memorandum of cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries.
August 9, 2005:

  • Misleh Humaijan Al-Azmi passed away at the age of 65. He was member of the National Council in 1990 and member of the National Assembly between 1992 and 1996.
  • Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Faisal Mohammad Al-Hajji issues ministerial order 141/2005 declaring Kuwait Physiotherapy Society.

August 9, 2006:

Kuwait National Petroleum Company delivered operations of managing and operating 40 fuel stations to Al-Sour Co. in line with the privatization plan.
August 9, 2008:

Kuwaiti player of Al-Fatat Club Wejdan Al-Enezi won the golden medal at Al-Hassan Open international Taekwondo Championship in Jordan.
August 9, 2010:

  • Kuwaiti diving team won the Gulf 20th water games championship, held in Kuwait, with 28 medals, including 12 gold ones, 10, silver and six bronze.
  • Kuwait and Britain signed in London a MoU for security cooperation, according to which, among other things, the UK would supply the GulfState high-tech security cameras to be installed at sensitive sites.


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