Working with no signed contract

Situation: In a few weeks time, it will be 3 months since kabayan has joined the company as a new employee but he has not yet signed any contract with his employer. It will be 3 months too since his work visa was stamped. He has been asking about his concerns but his employer only says “wait”. He has been given only KD 200 last month.

The importance of a work contract. (
The importance of a work contract. (

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor document of kabayan stated the salary of KD 1,200. He has a salary account with a private bank but was not yet able to make deposits because of his present situation.

Question: Can you please advise me on what to do so I can get my release from this situation and also claim my pending salary?

Answer: This is very unfair treatment for you but you are smart to know the actual salary you are entitled to receive. You can go directly to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, file a complaint and do not forget to mention that you have not yet been paid any regular salary. Show all your proof so you can also have cancellation of your work permit.

Source: Kuwait Times Legal Clinic



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