Work Hours and Off Day in Kuwait

Work Hours and Off Day in Kuwait

There have many questions about the legal work hours in Kuwait and also day off. Some OFWs and other expats become confused with the legalities on these two points.

Below are the few reminders to guide both expats and employers here in Kuwait;

1. Refer to the signed contract with regards to work hours and day off.

2. Kuwait Labor Law states that 48 hours per week is the maximum work hours.

3. Work hours also depends on the employer’s line of business.

4. Kuwait Labor Law states that Friday is day off. Unless it is paid overtime and with the employee’s consent, the employer cannot require anyone to work on a Friday.

5. It is also very common in Kuwait for employees to work less than 48 hours per week with Saturday being off day too.

The above work hours and off days are applied on all working visa, except Visa 20.

Source: Kuwait Times – Atty. Fajer Ahmed


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