Why we Serve. How we Serve.

Why we Serve. How we Serve.
Why we Serve. How we Serve.

Con. Gen.’s Blog Corner July 26, 2015.

Someone told me last year that all that the Embassy does is to conduct rescues. This person meant that the Embassy, representing the country, should do more. In reality, it does. But not everything ends up in the Internet.

The Embassy does economic diplomacy, generating trade and investments, bringing much needed capital to the Philippines and Philippine products here. If it’s Made in the Philippines , and it’s in the stores where we can buy them, in a way the government helped.

The Embassy also does political diplomacy, and that’s why we meet with the Amir and all other officials down, including those of other nations, to make sure that our citizens are safe and that the Philippines is never forgotten In the affairs of Kuwait. But we can’t post this on Facebook.

Then, we have assistance to nationals,where the rescues, repatriations, and legal cases come in.

Embassy officers and staff often stay up the whole night to make remove our citizens from harm’s way and to win our cases.

So let’s not underestimate the rescues.
In some instances, they actually save lives.

To all Filipino organizations and individuals who assist in our rescues, our fondest salute.

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