Why is Eid such a happy occasion?

Happy EidFor Muslims, Eid marks the end of a purgatory regimen as ordained by Allah. The day fills the mind of a believer with a feeling of contentment and joy as a result of his or her successful adherence to extreme self control in all walks of life. Eid is a day of enjoyment and thanksgiving.

This month of intensive training makes one understand the role of a Muslim in the society. This month helps one fully appreciate a basic axiom of life “Whatever we own in this world belongs to Allah and we are only the custodians of our possessions. In Ramadan, there may be food in our house, but we do not eat, because Allah has forbidden us from eating during the day in this month. This gives a sense of modesty born out of the understanding that we don’t control what is in our possession. We are just the custodians of our wealth, not its master.” Once this message is strongly driven home, then giving away 2.5 percent of your wealth as Zakat (which is the rightful share of the poor from our wealth) becomes easy.

On the day of Eid, before going for the special prayer, Muslims have been enjoined to give Sadaqat-ul-fitr (another form of charity) of up to 1 Sa’ (equivalent of 3 kg approximately) of barely, dates or any cereal. This charity should be given by every member of the family. By this practice of Sadaqat-ul-fitr they become equal to their masters. This establishes peace in their hearts. Since Eid is a day of thanksgiving, it starts with a special prayer at dawn.

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