When in Kuwait, never do these.

As expatriates, migrant workers in any host country, we are bound by rules, regulations and laws. If we are not very careful, some of us might find ourselves in legal trouble that will definitely lead to deportation.

Expatriates in Kuwait take a stroll by the seaside. (arabianbusiness)
Expatriates in Kuwait take a stroll by the seaside. (arabianbusiness)

Expatriates comprise about 70% of the total population of this coastal emirate and yet, they are expected to abide by the rules, regulations and laws set. Here in Kuwait, avoid doing any of the following because violation of any of these may lead to serious legal problems and ultimately, deportation.

  1. Driving without a license.
  2. Change of profession without handing over your driving license.
  3. Staying without valid residency visa.
  4. Fighting or being involved in public commotion.
  5. Loud music at parties.
  6. Use of alcohol and drugs.
  7. Offering illegal international calls to other expats.
  8. Transaction that involves drugs.
  9. If you are inflicted with an infectious disease.
  10. Violation of Kuwait environmental laws.

Expatriates or migrant workers in Kuwait are advised to avoid at all cost, the above mentioned circumstances.

Source: Al Anba and Kuwait Local


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