Four Days Alloted for Eid

Mohammad Al-Roumi, who is the Head of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) declared that official holidays that will be allotted for the Eid Al-Fitr occasion would be four working and non-working days. He further elaborated that if in case the occasion’s first day will fall on the 8th of August (a Thursday), work must recommence on the 12th, which is a Monday; otherwise, if it the first day of Eid holidays falls on the following day (9th of August), work shall resume on the 13th.
Moreover, official sources have warned those who made it a habit to skip work before or after the Eid holidays that legal actions would now be taken. Absenteeism is aimed to be relinquished that is why it has been implemented that the names of those who fail or refuse to work before and after the holidays will be submitted to the CSC by governmental departments of the respective sectors.
Also, the CSC stressed that they are very determined to vanquish the absenteeism phenomenon before and after any public holiday. They have also mentioned about the legal procedures that would be immediately taken into action to those who trespass the rules in the aspect.

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