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State of Kuwait Immigration Department recently stipulated strict rules on the issuance of visit visas to expatriates, restricting these to immediate family members – wife, children and parents. Although there has not yet been any formal announcement made about the end of issuance for this kind of visa, following are some requirements to fulfill.

An expatriate working in Kuwait must have a monthly salary of KD 260 or more to become a sponsor to a visit visa holder. It is also expected that the visit visa holder cannot apply for any job or work during his or her stay in Kuwait. If the visit visa holder is caught working, he or she will be detained, deported and blacklisted. The visa sponsor too will be blacklisted and most likely cannot apply for any type of visa for a year or more.

There is a different requirement for applying visit visa for second degree relatives (daughter or son of a brother or sister). The visa sponsor must have monthly salary of at least KD 500 in order to secure visit visa. Authentic documents stating proof of relations between sponsor and relative must also be fulfilled.

Holders of visit visas are expected not to overstay even just one day as they will be penalized aside from being blacklisted and cannot get any type of visa for a year or more. The fine of overstay is KD 10 per day but if extension for the visit visa has been granted, the fine is KD 2 per day.

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  1. I just want to ask if there’s expiration for DFA birth certificate filed 2012 and I want to apply for visit visa again for my son this December 2014


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