Useful gift ideas for Christmas

Useful gift ideas for Christmas

As balikbayan home for the Christmas holidays in the Philippines, every overseas Filipinos want to give special people some gifts to remember by long after they have returned to their host country or country of citizenship. But the problem is, they are having some difficulty in choosing what to give them as a gift.

Below is a list that you may find helpful and of course, useful.

1. Cook book.

You will always have someone special who loves ot cook. Creating a new recipe with the help of a cook book will surely make your loved one very happy not only this Christmas but all year through.

2. Organic or herb tea.

This is good for the elders and health conscious family, relatives and friends.

3. Power bank.

Young and adults have mobile phones or gadgets and the usage of these drain batteries. It will be a welcome idea for the, to receive this kind of gift to keep them on the go without worrying getting batteries drained.

4. Jewelry holders / cases.

Definitely any girl or woman will like this gift. It organizes her accessories and jewelries and keeps these in one spot.

5. Exercise equipment.

This doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a yoga mat or an exercise ball.

6. Affordable yet comfortable linens.

It is always nice to sleep on fresh, new linens and pillow cases. They enjoy the comfort while they think of your thoughtfulness towards them.

7. Ink cartridges.

Young pupils and students will not bother their parents when printer inks run out. After Christmas break, all pupils and students will surely be busy with school works.

8. Emergency travel kit.

You can be creative with this. A small bag with all the necessary first aid medicines in it.

Enjoy shopping and gift giving on your homecoming.

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