Tips When Moving Abroad with Your Family

Tips When Moving Abroad with Your Family

Your job in the host country has qualified you to bring your family – wife and child / children to live with you abroad. The whole family is all excited about the good news. But in reality, moving the whole family abroad is not an overnight decision to make. There are positive and confusing things to review and consider before finally packing your bags and just go.

Below is a list of situations you should consider before finally moving as a whole family, to the host country;

Positive situations

1. You can travel as a family.

The host country is a new place where your family can see new sights, new places and new things to do. You can start by strolling around your neighborhood on your day off. Then next day off, you can take the bus or a taxi to a place farther until you travel far and wide the host country.

2. Learning more.

As you travel within the host country, you discover their culture and other cultures as well, new languages and lifestyle. It’s fun to breathe the cool AC at the malls, see the latest trends in fashion, go to cinemas, food trips, why not. But visiting a museum, places of interest or having a picnic in some park is worth the try too. Broaden your horizons.

3. Personal growth.

Living in a new country offers many new experiences. There’s food. The host country will give you a wide variety of places to dine until you can find your favorite spot You may improve physically, with added pounds that is. It will also strengthen the sense of family as you care, love and support each other. It will improve your emotional, psychological and moral values.

4. New Beginnings.

When you start life in another country, all will be new to you. New neighborhood, new city, new school, new workplace and so on. You will meet different people from different cultural and family backgrounds. You will experience situations that seem tough to handle. But give yourself some time and of course, try to reach out to others as well. You can be nice but not too trusting. Always wear a smile – it is contagiously positive.


Confusing Situations

1. Culture Shock.

Moving to a new country even if you have your complete family, homesickness will always be present. The new surroundings may fascinate and excite you at first but then, it can also shock you. New people, new places, new lifestyle, all of these must be accepted for you to blend in the new setting. Try to be open-minded and follow what’s good, leaving what’s bad.

2. Different Language.

English as they say is the universal language. Here in Kuwait and the Middle East, English is widely-spoken. Correct grammar and all that comes with it, is not really very particular in this case. For as long as you know conversational English, you can surely talk with somebody. Be sure to learn few, important words from the host country’s national language thru listening and knowing its meaning.

3. Balance your family finances.

Maintaining a budget that works smoothly is quite difficult as it is. But balancing your budget before and after the whole family moves to the host country can really be a tougher challenge.

How many children do you have? How many of them must attend school? Can any of your children work already? Can your spouse work for added income? How much is a flat or an apartment monthly rent? These are only few questions you have to consider.

4. The “new kid on the block”.

How your child / children will react being the “new kid” at school depends upon your guidance and more upon the determination of your child to fit in his / her new school. There may be acceptance and rejection from classmates or schoolmates. You can prepare your child about the possible situation even before your migration.

Moving to the host country with your whole family is not like moving across the street. It is living, working, studying in a new place. Make sure to weigh all your options before deciding whether or not to move abroad with your whole family.

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