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Tips on How to Spend Eid Al-Adha Holidays in Kuwait

With the coming 5-days holiday (public sector) starting August 31 to September 4th in Kuwait in observance of Eid Al Adha, expats are also planning on how to spend their rest days. Here are a few tips on what to do during Eid Al Adha here in Kuwait.


1. Swimming and picnic by the beach

Expat families may set up tent, chairs and tables and just enjoy the beach. Start when the weather is cool during late afternoon. Bring your favorite food and drinks. Children, teens and even adults will love the relaxing crash of the waves and the healing water. Single expats can make this trip too with their friends, after all, the beach is for everybody and of course, free.

2. Visiting water parks

Aqua Park near Kuwait Towers, Flow House Kuwait near Abu Halifa, which is so far, the newest here in Kuwait and Messilah Water Village, all of these have special programs and activities for you to enjoy.

3. Go ice skating

Although there is no snow here in Kuwait, there are ice skating rinks like the one at Promenade Mall in Hawally and the other in Shaab Leisure Park. Ice skating will be an exciting trip. It will still be enjoyable to go ice skating even if you are not an expert.

4. Lastly, and of course the most favorite past time of all – going to malls.

Kuwait has many malls where you can choose to go. Wherever this is, your family will enjoy activities for children, shopping with discounts, watching movies and never to forget, lots and lots of eating.

For non-Muslims, Eid Al Adha (Sacrifice Feast) is one of the two Eid festivals that celebrated every year by Muslims worldwide, the other one is the Eid Al-Fitr which means “solemn festival.”

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