Things that MUST NOT be included in Balikbayan Boxes

Balikbayan boxes

With the trending topics on balikbayan boxes and additional taxes for homecoming OFWs bringing items from overseas, here is the list provided as a guide for OFWs.

Not to be included in balikbayan boxes are the following; Alcoholic beverages, Dismantled Automotive Parts, ceramics and pots of cultural significance, animal hide particularly cat and dog fur, any sort of firearms, guns, explosives or dismantled parts. Cheese, meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, fluids and perishable items, Pets, fish, plants, seeds, soil. Harmful chemicals, military related items, gold, trophies, ceramic tableware.

Musical instruments made of animal hide, roll of textile, articles with trade mark or copy right, drugs, substances and things used for drugs, medication, used clothing that can be sold elsewhere, things from countries with embargo, pornographic materials. Any currency or monetary unit, ATM cards, travelers’ checks, precious metals and stones, money orders.

Please be guided accordingly.
(source: umac express cargo inc.)

·       Used clothing or shoes of commercial quantity (Ukayukay in bales / boxes)

·       Pornographic Materials

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