There are now 10,000 Undocumented Filipinos in Kuwait

There are now 10,000 Undocumented Filipinos in Kuwait

According to Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Renato Pedro Villa, out of the 265,000 Filipino expats living in Kuwait, around 10,000 are undocumented. Most of whom are domestic helpers who fled their employers and some women who are accused of illegitimate pregnancies. Others have problems with their residency permits.

Reports said that Ambassador Villa is hopeful that in due time, Kuwait will hire Filipino nurses to work in the Ministry of Health. To date, Filipino nurses are a driving force in many private hospitals around Kuwait.

The ambassador also defended the right of Filipinos to hold their passports and their civil IDs, as they are one of the most diligent migrant workers in Kuwait.

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait encourages undocumented Filipinos to come forward and seek their assistance to legalize their stay in Kuwait or to choose repatriation back to the Philippines.

Source: Arab Times

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