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The effect of KD 450 salary requirement for Dependent Visa

KD 450 is the salary requirement for dependent visa. (paperblog)
KD 450 is the salary requirement for dependent visa. (paperblog)

The salary requirement for expats to apply for Dependent Visa for their family is stated at KD 450. This is the new rule and every expat is obliged to follow suit.

There are cases that the company does not show on the work permit the actual salary of its employee. Those who receive less than KD 450 definitely understand that they are not qualified to apply for dependent visa of their family member.

But for employees who actually receive KD 450 but stipulated in their work permit is less than the actual amount, it will be difficult for them to apply for dependent visa too. Previously, an expat who has a monthly salary of KD 400 is qualified to apply dependent visa for his wife and children. However with the new law, the Minister assures the expat community that those who were already in Kuwait through dependent visa will no longer be excluded. They can still have their visas and residences renewed under the new law.

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