Teaching 11 to 13 Year Old Kids to Save Money

Some easier ways on how to teach your 11 to 13 year old kids to save money, and it should be done with great care because teenagers are easily confused about different things.

1. Instead of giving allowances to your kid, it is a better way to start paying him for doing house chores. This way it slowly teaches your child patience and handwork as he strives to earn his allowances. Chores like washing dishes, cleaning and arranging things in his own room or packing his own lunch for school.

2. Encourage your kid to diligently study his lessons and participate well in class, making his own projects and home works. You can reward him by all his efforts.

3. Explain to your kid the idea of saving money, so he can buy want he wants from his savings like shirts, bike, pants or maybe he can buy a more reliable, long-term yet a bit expensive hobby. Your child can buy his own computer, gaming modules and gadgets from his own savings.

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