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Advisory No.2 on Pyramiding Schemes to Clear Matters on New Postings

To clear matters on new postings: Please see again Advisory No. 2 on Pyramiding Schemes The Embassy most kindly advises our Kababayans not to be posting messages in support of any pyramiding scheme (see below) When investigations start, investigators will check sources of evidence. The most obvious sources of evidence is the internet The masterminds of these schemes will point to those who post messages as fall guys, especially if they acknowledge that they benefitted from these schemes. Our innocent Kababayans may be charged as accessories to a crime, while…

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To Clear Matters: Advisory on the EmGoldex Articles and Video on YouTube

To clear matters: Advisory on the EmGoldex articles and videos on Youtube. 1. The Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) says it is a pyramiding scheme. The Philippine Department of Trade & Industry explains these scams in the light of present circumstances. ( See below). 2. This means that money will be taken in but will eventually dry up. Late investors will find that they will have no more returns on their investments. 3. When this happens, all law enforcement mechanisms, from police to prosecutors both in the Philippines and…

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