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LBC Express Offers Hassle-Free Document Processing Services for OFWs in Kuwait

Gone are the days where it takes months after months before one can get hold of their documents from the Philippines, especially if those important documents are from government offices. Thanks to LBC Express! Now, OFWs in Kuwait and neighboring GCC countries can avail their new and hassle-free document processing services, another great service from LBC, in addition to their courier and forwarding services. Processing of important documents and authentication from the Philippines only takes 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the volume of transactions. For LBC’s hassle-free document processing…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Work Contract

A work contract or an employment contract is an agreement between both the employer and the employee that sets out terms and conditions of employment. Although an agreement can be done verbally, if the worker is locally hired and employed only in the Philippines. However, a written employment contract is a must, if a company or an employer hired Filipinos to work and to be deployed abroad. Do: Read and understand the work contract before you sign on it. Once the contract has been signed, you have to do fulfill accordingly your duties as an OFW.  The employer should also comply and follow…

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Working with no signed contract

Situation: In a few weeks time, it will be 3 months since kabayan has joined the company as a new employee but he has not yet signed any contract with his employer. It will be 3 months too since his work visa was stamped. He has been asking about his concerns but his employer only says “wait”. He has been given only KD 200 last month. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor document of kabayan stated the salary of KD 1,200. He has a salary account with a private…

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