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7 Most Common Problems of an OFW ; and How to Prevent these

It is not easy to be an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) BUT, there are still many Filipinos back home who want to work abroad. Many believe that working abroad is the best way to give a better life for your family and loved ones. However, OFWs face many problems while working overseas. Below are the most common problems of OFWs and how to prevent these; 1. Illegal Recruitment Many OFWs are victims of illegal recruitment. They believe all the things the recruiter says and pay all the fees said to…

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How to Check the Validity of your Bataka / Inquiry About Civil ID Status

In rich GCC countries like Kuwait, everyone must carried their Civil ID or locally known as ‘Bataka’ – an identification card where most if not all of the bearer’s information where stored. An ID card that must be presented in every transaction that you’ll make – it may be in private or public. Every now and then, the police in uniform could check your civil ID and you are required to present it to them. So it’s very important not to forget your bataka before you leave your home, not…

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