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8 Helpful Reminders to Keep You Healthy during Cold Season

Temperatures not only in Kuwait but in most parts of the globe are dropping. This means that cooler weather conditions will soon be expected. The changes in temperature usually cause colds, flu and other illnesses. Here are some important reminders on how to stay healthy during cold weather; 1. Eat healthy and eat well. A proper diet is one of the best prevention for sickness. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. 2. Exercise. Take time to exercise. Walking and indoor movements help a lot to keep yourself fit and healthy. 3. Wash your…

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What is Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)?

Kalusugan ay laging pagka-ingatan. Alamin kung ano ang Coronary Artery Disease. What is Coronary Artery Disease Blockage of one or more arteries that supply blood to the heart. Usually due to accumulation of atheromatous plaques & hardening of the arteries, also called atherosclerosis. Causes / Risk Factors Heredity High levels of cholesterol in the blood Smoking Diabetes Obesity High blood pressure High-fat diet Lack of exercise Emotional stress Signs and Symptoms Cardiac arrest Chest pain/discomfort that may radiate to shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back (usually left side) and tends to get…

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Masustansiyang Chop Suey

Ayon sa mga food historians, ang kilalang Chop Suey ay nag umpisa sa United States of America (USA) dala ng mga immigrant mula sa Canton, China. Bihasa ang mga Chinese sa halo halong gulay (mixed vegetables) at dahil mataba ang lupa sa California, madaling tamnan ng iba’t ibang uri ng gulay. Ito ay noong kalagitnaan ng 1800’s.

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