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OFWs 5 Personal Goals for 2018

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are among the people who have much respect for “New Year’s Resolutions” – but they call these “Personal Goals”. OFWs like many Filipinos, want to have happier lives that is why they try their best to make the New Year better than the previous year. Below is the list of OFW Personal Goals for 2018; 1. Be more positive. Problems are the reason why some OFWs feel negative about the past year. As 2018 sets in, they want to attract good vibes and having a positive attitude…

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5 Reasons Why Many OFWs Come Home with No Money

Most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) leave the country, family, home and loved ones in search for better life abroad. They want to earn more so they can give more support to their family and loved ones. They want to have self-fulfillment too.   But sadly, after years and years of working abroad, many OFWs come home for good… with very little or worst, no money at all. What are the reasons? What should an OFW do?   Following are the most common problems why OFWs come home broke and how…

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10 Ways on How to Treat Homesickness

Truth is, everyone who goes abroad for months or years will surely feel homesick, especially that Christmas and New Year is approaching. You miss your favorite food, your favorite place to visit and of course, your family and loved ones. Here are 10 friendly suggestions on how to treat homesickness; 1. Remind yourself why you are abroad. Social media is powerful. But do not post too much sadness on your wall. Post something positive. The “likes” or “love” from your family, relatives and friends will help you get through homesickness.

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