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Encourage your children to be responsible

Expats are of two kinds here in Kuwait; one is living away from family left in their home country and the other is living together with family. Household service workers, skilled workers and some Visa 18 cannot bring their family here in Kuwait for some valid reasons. For the many Visa 18 holders who have the privilege to stay with their family here often enroll their children in good schools which is costly but then, education is very important. Expat parents also pamper their spouse and their children with day…

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Kuwait Info News 

Respecting Expatriates

Below is new prospective article written by Talal Al Ghannam, a former Managing Editor at Kuwait News Agency (KUNA). Mr. Talal articles mostly tackles about the plights of expatriates living and working in this small yet rich country – the State of Kuwait. Good day to my honorable readers. In the past few weeks, I encountered many cases of mistreatment of some expats who came here for a decent living. They spoke about their experiences in Kuwait and the mistreatment and the abuses against them by their sponsors. They said that they had a…

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