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Reasons Why Balikbayan Boxes are Delayed or Non-Delivered? Are Balikbayan Boxes Opened by Philippine Customs?

Learn why some Balikbayan Boxes are Delayed or Non-Delivered? Are Balikbayan boxes opened by Philippine Customs? Sending Balikbayan/Cargo boxes are considered tradition to most, if not all overseas Filipino workers, and inside those boxes are the ‘Heart of each OFW.’ Filipinos abroad give-way on some extravagance, just to save those packages/gifts and pasalubongs for their loved ones back home. According to reports, Bureau of Customs (BOC) planned to double the taxes for consolidated cargo and shipments. This will greatly affect the OFWs’ balikbayan boxes, which are usually consolidated to save on money and tax. Non-commercial goods and items (strictly…

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Pres. Noynoy garners thumbs up over his decision on Customs

Earlier this week, Pres. Benigno Aquino III has ordered the Bureau of Customs in the Philippines to stop random and physical inspection of balikbayan boxes sent by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and migrant Filipinos for their loved ones and families in the Philippines. Pres. Noynoy ordered Customs Chief Alberto Lina to inspect the boxes thru mandatory Xray and K 9 examination, for free and never to worry neither the sender nor receiver. The agency responded that in the circumstance of a box or boxes prove suspicious, physical inspection of which…

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