The Philippine Embassy held power point presentations for the public and staff on 27 March, commemorating Gender Awareness Month for Women. Social Welfare Attaché Annie Mendoza made a presentation on how the Department of Social Welfare and Development ( DSWD) attends to the needs of OFWs, especially women in distress. ConGen Dado made a presentation on the Trafficking and Rescue of women OFWs in KUWAIT, highlighting the Raids, Rescues, and Repatriation Program of the embassy (please see previous posts). In attendance were the Embassy staff and rescue teams, the officials of the Labor Office, and invited women OFWs. KUWAIT holds special significance for the safety of women because of cases of abuse, and the efforts of the Kuwait government to assist the Embassy in stopping such abuse. The Presentation was a project of embassy political officer Rem Alcazar, also point person for gender awareness. 04 05 2014 - Stopping the Cycle of Abuse CREDITS: http://tinyurl.com/lyarnr5

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