Spotlight on a Kuwaiti Invention

inventionIn 2009, Kuwaiti air-force instructor and maintenance test pilot, Lt Col Ahmad A Abul, invented a machine or an apparatus for testing the soundness of a horse’s tendons and ligaments. The apparatus includes a base plate and a rotatable plate with a guide member for receiving and positioning the horse’s hooves. This method is said to be proven viable and can be mass-produced to help horsemen around the world.

Also known to be an equine instructor, Lt Abul said, “Horses do not necessarily complain unless they are physically ill or badly injured. So, early detection of the ligaments and tendons problem can lead to better results, especially when they are about to race,”

With his experience, he was able to invent the much-needed machine to detect horse’s medical problems. It can analyze pressure in the body by measuring the reaction time. The system can be used to measure physiological force associated with motion such as the gait of humans or animals. It enables relatively unskilled individuals to test the soundness of his horse without the assistance of a vet. The tester is portable and convenient. It can quickly determine whether the tendons and ligaments are sound enough to compete, walk or run. It can detect if the horse suffered any previous injuries in the lower leg, a part badly needed by a horse. It is durable and relatively expensive but adaptable to different horses.

The Kuwaiti invention is not available in the market but will be displayed very soon. “I got the certificate from the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2010. It is indeed a very significant discovery and invention of our time, and I am proud that my country has been honored because of this invention. I am ecstatic and greatly humbled,” he said.

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