Special Project Allows Overstaying Filipinos to Travel to the Philippines Without Detention

kabayan-ofw8 October 2013 – The Philippine Embassy together with the Farwaniyah command under Colonel Waleed has a new project that allows overstaying OFWs to exit to the Philippines via the airport without undergoing detention.

For this reason, OFWs are advised to settle all debts and financial obligations in case they need to go home suddenly.

In line with this project, the first batch of 57 OFWs went home last 5 October, exiting through the Kuwait international airport without going through detention.

They had no financial obligations, cases of any kind, and were prepared with their tickets. The embassy ushered them through the immigration gates.

The Embassy has been interceding for OFWs to be repatriated on a humanitarian basis, and plans for more groups to go home this way on a regular basis.

The project was conceptualized by case officer Musa Ibrahim, and was assisted by Repatriation Team members Cathy Gison, Joseph de Claro, Joven Cabanes, Anthony Villanueva, and other embassy staff.

Source: Philippine Embassy in Kuwait

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