Sleep Paralysis: What is it and how to prevent it?

Sleep Paralysis: What is it and how to prevent it?

Did you ever feel these symptoms during your sleep? You feel there is something heavy on your chest that you cannot breathe. You cannot move your hands and feet. You want to shout but no voice comes out of your mouth. You seem to see other creatures or things that you feel so afraid.

If your answer is yes (to either or to all of the above symptoms), then you have experienced Sleep Paralysis or Waking Nightmare. Although the experience is somehow alarming, it is not a medical emergency. Sleep Paralysis or Waking Nightmare is a sleep condition.

This sleep condition usually lasts for a few seconds up to less than 2 minutes. It will stop by itself or if someone shrugs you so you can be awaken.
It is also very common that during sleep paralysis, your mind is fully awake but you cannot shout or move any part of your body.

What to do during sleep paralysis?

  1. Pray as this is the best way.
  2.  Keep calm and try to control your breathing. This will also help lessen chest pains.
  3.  Do not fight the condition. The more you fight or struggle with the condition, the more you have difficulty in breathing and you feel weak.
  4.  Focus on moving your toes or your fingers until you awaken.
  5.  Try to cough because it is easier than trying to shout or scream until you awaken. Try to move your face muscles 3 times until you awaken.
  6.  Once you are awake, try to sit, open some light, remain calm, refresh your face with tap water and drink. Do not sleep for several minutes more.

How to prevent sleep paralysis?

  1.  Do not stress yourself too much.
  2.  Do some exercise but not before you go to sleep.
  3.  Have good sleeping habits. Try to always sleep sideways.
  4.  If you are sick, remain the lights open, keep track of your medicine dosage and in-take.

How about you? Have you experienced the so called sleep paralysis?

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