Shrimps, one of Kuwait’s Finest

Shrimps are among the best harvest of seaside Kuwait.
Shrimps are among the best harvest of seaside Kuwait.

Shrimps are one of Kuwait’s staple food which can be cooked in a variety of recipes. These can be poached, cooked with butter, sautéed or even mix in along with different ingredients for a fresh salad.

Earlier this year in January, the price of shrimps sky rocketed to KD 4.5 per kilogram for large size, KD 3.5 for medium size and KD 2.5 for small size. The main reason for such a price hike is the “end of season” in January and the rise in consumer demand by citizens and expatriates.

Since early August, citizens and expats alike queued to buy Kuwaiti shrimps in the markets upon the arrival of the said food staple. Imported shrimps are costlier than local catches and buyers are positive that the prices will soon be reduced.

In Souq Sharq, a basket of shrimp was priced at KD 45 to KD 55 depending on the size. Since the ban on fishing in territorial waters was lifted, fishermen and consumers breathe a sigh of relief. According to the Director of Public Relations at Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR), Shaker Awadh, fishermen are expected to strictly follow local fishing laws and regulations, in order to protect fish resources, and avoid being subjected to penalties set by law.

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