Security Measures Implemented to Ease Heavy Traffic

grand-mosque-in-kuwait-16The Ministry of Interior has taken necessary security measures and procedures yesterday at the Grand Mosque, in pursuit of easing the traffic that is statistically predicted to occur during the last 10 days of the Ramadan season in Kuwait, according from a statement of a security official. Most probably, traffic would be flowing heavily in between Tarawih and Qiyaam.

Security teams were organized by ministry officials to work around various departments in dealing with possible heavy traffics around commercial markets and worship places during this year’s period of Ramadan in Kuwait, said Lt. Col. Adel Al-Hashash, the Deputy Head of Public Relations Department in the ministry, in a statement. Also, Al-Hashash encouraged residents and citizens to follow the new rules to be implemented and keep the old ones, in order to maintain the traditions and values of this holy month of Ramadan in Kuwait and also to respect each other’s feelings.

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