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Scenes from August 2015 Repatriation

Scenes from August 2015 repatriation.
Repatriation 2015. The Homecoming continues. (posted August 9th)

REPATRIATION IMAGES THIS WEEK: At the Immigration Office, a lone OFW anticipates going home; OFWs hold repatriation papers; the Embassy hires buses for a comfortable ride to the airport ; a “V” sign is flashed inside the bus. Thanks all teams, including Ms. Dolor Elenany, embassy repatriation partner!

Repatriation for Kabayans.
Repatriation for Kabayans.

REPATRIATION THIS WEEK, ending 21 August. ” V ” is the sign for victory, over fear, over discouragement, over homesickness, over loneliness, ” V ” is always for hope.

The Embassy secures buses for a dignified trip to the Immigration, and then to the airport; bringing people home and families together, whatever it takes.

They are going home.
They are going home.

(From Consul General Atty. Raul H. Dado social media account)




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