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Scam Alert and Modus Operandi, Beware!

To start with, Kabayan in Kuwait would like everyone to know that we respect Facebook and Tagged, two popular social media sites on the web. I am a Facebook user both personally and professionally and I find it helpful. But we cannot also discount the truth that scammers online are like molds growing everywhere on the web for many years already. They mostly search for possible victims thru social networking sites particularly Facebook and Tagged which are both popular among young women and not so young women as well.

There is nothing wrong in having a Facebook or Tagged account. What is wrong is how others use social networking sites to proliferate scams and victimize unsuspecting people particularly women.

Following is the true story of a kabayan from the Philippines (whose true identity we will hide as Diwata). She took the courage to send me an inbox message asking for advice about what could have been additional stress both mentally and financially on her part, if she did not have the courage to seek for the truth.

Man who claims to be "Daniel Morgan, 55 from Orange Park, FL (Florida, USA)".
Man who claims to be “Daniel Morgan, 55 from Orange Park, FL (Florida, USA)”.


"Daniel Morgan" introduces "himself".
“Daniel Morgan” introduces “himself”.
"Daniel Morgan" more about his "good self".
“Daniel Morgan” more about his “good self”.

Sometime in September of this year, “Diwata” received a Tagged message from a certain “Daniel Morgan”, who introduced himself as US citizen from Florida, USA with rank of Captain in the US Navy. In his picture, he is White / Caucasian, 55 years old, divorced. They exchanged messages and after a week, this man who claims to be “Daniel Morgan” asked for Diwata’s email.

Following were the emails of “Daniel Morgan” to Diwata;

First email of the man who claims to be Daniel Morgan.
First email dated September 20, 2015 of the man who claims to be “Daniel Morgan.”

In his first email, “Daniel Morgan” wrote that as a “Christian” he believes in the “divine order” and that he has been with the US Navy for 15 years, is now retired and he needs a person to share his life with.

Diwata admitted that she was thrilled with his email so she replied pleasantly. And requested for a video call so they can see each other online.

Second email of "Daniel Morgan" to "Diwata".
Second email of “Daniel Morgan” to “Diwata”. September 22, 2015.

“Daniel Morgan” wrote on his second email…”i felt bad because the nature of my busy schedule wont allow me to chatting with you on daily basis”… . Diwata believed what he said because he also sent his address P.O. Box 56 Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Johns, Florida, United State. Diwata was convinced that he is a true person and shared to her best friend that there is an American who likes her and he looks like a good person. Her best friend said how lucky is Diwata to meet a man like “Daniel”.

Diwata continued to reply to his emails but sometimes, she was hoping to see him on video call. But “Daniel” always had excuses.

kabayan-in-kuwait-scam-alert-and-modus-operandi-beware-6September 23, 2015 third email from “Daniel Morgan” saying..”What i desires mostly is someone who understands the nature of my work , to be honest, its a time consuming job as am mostly away from home traveling to different ports and countries…”. The man continued…”I want to inform you that we will be sailing to Istanbul, Turkey and then also to Sana in Yemen…”

To be continued..

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5 Thoughts to “Scam Alert and Modus Operandi, Beware!”

  1. lime

    i’ve read a lot of victims on fb…iba -iabng name but same address..PO BOX 56, PONTE VEDRA BEACH, ST. JOHNS, FLORIDA UNITED STATE..katulad nung nagpakilala sa akin sa tagged…thank God na..nag verify din agad ko..pero..kung taga Pinas din ito..may nagsumbong na ba sa NBI..para mahuli sila…sana meron na..lalo na ung mga nabiktima na..nagbayad pa …now he’s using NICHOLAS SMITH..

  2. […] Thank you very much for sending us your story and hope everyone learned a lesson or two, and not become the next victim of these online scammers. […]

  3. Gordon

    Same address but used the name hadosky ika and part of an Australian phone number +61454636****

  4. jhazzy garcia

    i was victim too..but no demand anything..ngayon ang ginagamit nya sa tagged was MICHAEL WALTERS but same address pa din..beware of this man and all his sweet words..

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