Scam Alert and Modus Operandi Beware Part 3

Sept. 30, 2015 email from "Daniel Morgan"..
Sept. 30, 2015 email from “Daniel Morgan”..

On Sept. 30, “Daniel Morgan” sent Diwata an email saying that he has sent her package with the items list. He even sent pictures “of the gifts he sent with love”..including US $ 8,500 placed in the battery pack of the laptop. He says too that after visiting Diwata in the Philippines, “Daniel” will marry her and they will stay in a fully furnish condo.

Photos of different "love gifts" from "Daniel Morgan"..
Photos of different “love gifts” from “Daniel Morgan”..

Although Diwata was more than excited, she felt something wasn’t right. Why did not Daniel take a “selfie” with all these gifts? Also when she insisted that they must see each other on video call, “Daniel” had excuses.

"Daniel Morgan" wrote the name of the cargo company and security number..
“Daniel Morgan” wrote the name of the cargo company and security number..

In his email, he wrote to Diwata that the cargo company in the Philippines will call Diwata and ask her to deposit 13,000.00 as clearance for all the package. She must deposit to their bank account.

" Florida cargo services" the "trusted cargo forwarder"..
” Florida cargo services” the “trusted cargo forwarder”..

Diwata followed the link and tracked her package using the security number given by “Daniel”. Her doubts began to vanish when she saw her name, address, contact details written on the screen. But one thing bothered her again. The email said that she has to pay 13,000.00 for tax clearance and she has to deposit to the bank account of the cargo company.

At this point, Diwata asked help from her friend who used to work in Kuwait. Her friend said that she can write to Kabayan in Kuwait. Diwata was assisted by Kabayan Editor and after a sending her only one link, Diwata read about the truth. Upon advice of Kabayan Editor, Diwata did not respond to “Daniel Morgan’s” emails but he continued writing most especially about Diwata must pay the clearance taxes or the package will stay pending at the cargo company.

October 3, 2015 email of "Daniel Morgan"..
October 3, 2015 email of “Daniel Morgan”..
Another persistent message from "Daniel Morgan"
October 4th. Another persistent message from “Daniel Morgan”

Diwata believed in the advice of Kabayan Editor so she stopped replying to the emails and just observed “Daniel Morgan”.

When Diwata checked the tracking number again...
When Diwata checked the tracking number again…

The same tracking number that Diwata used before, showed another name on the screen. Proof that “Daniel Morgan” and all his emails were not true.

What Kabayan Editor has to say:
First of all, I would like to thank Diwata for seeking advice from Kabayan in Kuwait and for trusting us to help with your confusion. There are many scammers online and we must always look out for signs that they are not telling the truth.

  1. If a person sends you message saying that your are pretty and captured his heart or calls you honey, darling or my love right away, be careful. You must not believe that person easily.
  2. If the person continues to send you messages and ask for your email but not your video call ID, think twice if he is true or not.
  3. If the person says that he is always busy that is why he doesn’t have time for video call, do not believe him. Chances are the picture on his profile does not belong to him and the name he is using is not true.
  4. If he says that he sends you a box / package with top of the line gadgets with pictures but he is not shown in any of those pictures, he is not telling the truth and there is no box / package for you.
  5. Remember too that once a person from overseas / abroad sends a box / package that is already paid for in full. The receiver (you) must not pay any single centavo about tax clearance or other taxes in the Philippines.
  6. No one in his right mind will send you expensive gadgets without enough time for both of you to get to know each other and be in a relationship.
  7. Scammers may be of different nationalities and sadly, they are in connivance with Filipinos who are knowledgeable in computers, Information Technology that they use to victimize women and sometimes, even men.
  8. Social network sites are supposed to gain friendship with other people and must not be used in fraud.

    Thank you very much for sending us your story and hope everyone learned a lesson or two, and not become the next victim of these online scammers.

~ End



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  1. My sister was targeted in exactly the same way, almost every detail is the same. We found they also used the same address in Florida….Thanks to your post we avoided any losses


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