Rubian Fishing Season Starts

shrimpLast Friday, 150 boats from the Fish Market sailed to KuwaitBay near KubbarIsland to fish the delicacy, says Al-Seyassah. The boats are expected to return with lucrative quantities of Kuwaiti shrimp ‘Rubian’, which will contribute positively to reduce the prices of shrimp and other varieties of fish from the current price of a kilo of ‘Zubaidi’ sold for KD 10 and Saudi ‘Rubian’ KD 5 per kilo.


The prices of shrimps will drop once the Kuwaiti Rubian arrives in the market tomorrow. According to Shaker Awadh, Director of Public Relations at Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR), Rubian fishing season commences at the beginning of September while it’s banned on the advent of June each year. The authority banned shrimp fishing in Kuwaiti local waters, starting mid-June 2013, affirming that Kuwaiti ‘Rubian’ will be available in the market as of tomorrow.


On the hike in prices of Kuwaiti Rubian, Awadh said it’s a matter of supply and demand, noting the Rubian fishing season last year commenced on August 15 since there was abundant quantities in the territorial water. “However, the season started a bit late this year to facilitate the breeding of additional quantities of shrimp”, he reiterated.


The Rubian fishing season will kick-off in Kuwaiti local waters tomorrow, PAAAFR announced yesterday. It called on the fishermen to abide by the local fishing laws and regulations, in order to protect fish resources, and avoid being subjected to penalties.

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