Ramadan Ghabga Held In Honor of Kuwaiti Media Community

 Kuwait FoodSheikh Salman Al-Humoud, who is the State Minister of Youth Affairs, Minister of Information held a Ramadan Ghabga Kuwait in sheer honor of the media community, especially to the journalists in Kuwait at the Sheraton Hotel. The occasion was joined by the officials coming from the Ministry of Information, many representatives from different information media and newspapers in Kuwait, and from KUNA. Also, delegates from other Arab countries who are here to cover this year’s Parliamentary election came to participate,

The State Minister for Municipal Affairs and for the Cabinet Affairs, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah said in his statement that he was very honored that a lot of journalists participated in the event and also welcomed those foreign Arab journalists. He proceeded to a prayer to Allah in which he prayed to Allah to give protection to the country and all its people, and to accept the worship and prayer of each Muslim during this month of Ramadan.

Ambassador Sheikh Fasal Al-Humoud was grateful to the host Sheikh Salman Al-Humoud and for the delegates who participated especially in this very special month of Ramadan. Also, he added in a statement that, “this year’s event has been graced by visiting media delegations that are part of the wider media community which values constructive journalism, with a huge sense of responsibility in reporting news accurately”. Before he ended his speech, he called and encouraged all citizens of the country to participate in the elections for Kuwait’s bright future.

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