Ramadan, A Month of Spiritual Uplifting

ramadanBefore the holy month of Ramadan concluded, a poll was conducted online—Kuwaiti citizens were asked what they felt or thought were the biggest benefits of Ramadan.

The majority said that they felt uplifted spiritually from the Ramadan. When asked why, majority responded that a person becomes more God-conscious in every moment he spent during the Ramadan. “We are very mindful of our speech, our thoughts, our eyes, our ears and all our actions. We don’t want to utter what is not to be spoken, don’t what to see what is not to be seen, don’t want to hear what is not to be heard, don’t want to do what is not to be done and so forth. Yes, it is restrictive, but the notion that we are doing it for the pleasure of God is highly inspiring. Moreover, every good deed is rewarded many times more than during other days.”

Next to the majority of the voters comprised of 30% and thought of relaxed worked timing as one of the greatest benefits of Ramadan. For those people who do not observe the fast, it is a time to ease down a bit since offices usually begin late and end early. Some non-Muslim respondents, who majorly comprised this 30%, undertake the fast just to have an experience on what their Muslim friends undertake. One respondent said, “It has a cleansing effect on your body and mind. Moreover, the relaxed work timings do not tax you physically, helping the one fasting.”


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