PSME Kuwait Chapter’s show of support for SPLBE 2016

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) Kuwait Chapter is one of the Filipino organizations in Kuwait that has been very supportive of its members most particularly on the recent Special Professional Licensure Board Examination (SPLBE) 2016.

SPLBE 2016 hopefuls. (nursingcrib)
SPLBE 2016 hopefuls. (nursingcrib)

In a recent interview with Engr. Mervin Villanueva, one of the Board of Directors of PSME Kuwait Chapter, he shares his thoughts on the important event.

1. How many exam takers were there during the recent SPLBE in Kuwait?

Engr. MV: PSME Kuwait had a total of 7 examinees.

2. How did PSME Kuwait chapter prepare the exam takers prior to SPLBE?

Engr. MV: PSME Kuwait Chapter has developed a committee which aims to assist unregistered M.E for preparation on the exam by conducting a complete review program, the same as most review centers in the Philippines will do. Thank you to our Committee Chairman Engr. Algers M. Bringuez for his sincere support to our examinees.

3. What is your assessment on the recent SPLBE?

Engr. MV: I am glad that I was part of the successful SPLBE 2016, both as a board of director of PSME Kuwait chapter and a proctor during the exam.It is worthy to serve our fellow OFWs to help them achieve their ambition of becoming a licensed professional in their field.

4. How different was splbe 2016 from the recent program?

Engr. MV: SPLBE 2016 was well-organized. Thank you PPO Kuwait for the preparation which assured the exam success.

5. What is your message to all the exam takers for engineers?

Engr. MV: I am encouraging all under board engineering professionals here in Kuwait to grab the chance for next year’s SPLBE. Continue to pursue you dream of being a professional in your chosen field. We at PPO Kuwait and its umbrella professional organizations are always here to willingly support and achieve success altogether with our Philippine Embassy.

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