Proposal to Increase Rent Allowance of Kuwaiti Citizens


rentA number of MPs have finalized their consultation to propose several popular suggestions for the opening session. They are coordinating to make it a priority where committees finalize their reports in order to be discussed in the parliament. One of those suggestions is to increase rent allowance of Kuwaiti citizens to KD 250 and to allow the younger son to get housing application and to register the real estate in the name of the mother, instead of renting it, since she is a citizen and has rights.


This suggestion will be proposed by MP Ahmad Bin Mutai who has finalized his report in the council which was announced void. Sources said that a new proposal shall be unveiled later to distribute agricultural land to citizens on the borders in the north and south regions, emphasizing that there are a number of MPs who approved this application wholeheartedly.


In other news, Al-Rashidi also announced that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) resolved problems facing Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis when they apply for benefits from social security allowances they are entitled to. She explained that applicants are no longer required to provide a document proving that their husbands are unable to work due to a disability.


Separately, a local charity group criticized MSAL for delaying delivery of receipts during this year’s Ramadan charitable campaigns. “We received the receipts during the last 10 days of the holy month which gave us little time to start accepting charity from donors”, said Secretary of the Social Reform Society Dr Abdullah Al-Otaiqi during a reception held on the first day of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday.


Licensed charity organizations in Kuwait are usually handed receipt books before Ramadan to use for collecting donations only through bank account deductions or K-Net services. The books are returned to the ministry after the holy month to carry out necessary checks, which are a part of efforts to tackle illegal money-related activities during the month that records the highest charity in the year.

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