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Procedures to Allow Overseas Voters with Active Status to Vote in Another Polling Area



(Riyadh, 21 April 2016) – The Philippine Embassy wishes to inform the voting public that any registered overseas voter with active status (voted in 2010 or 2013) may now cast his vote at any Embassy, Consulate or polling area abroad even if their names are not in the Certified List of Overseas Voter (CLOV) of said polling area.

Under OFOV Guidelines 2016-001, any overseas voter may cast his or her vote at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah or the International Philippine School in Al Khobar even if his or her name is not in the CLOV of said polling area as long as they undergo the following procedures:


Step 1: Proceed to the precinct where you plan to cast your vote.


Step 2: Fill-up the attached ‘Manifestation of Intention to Vote’ and include a copy of your passport, voter’s ID or any other PHL-issued ID.


Step 3: Your manifestation will be submitted to COMELEC for verification.


Step 4: Once a response has been received from COMELEC, you will receive an email or SMS informing you to proceed and cast your vote at the precinct where you manifested your intention to cast your vote.


Step 5: Proceed to the Voter’s Assistance Desk and present the copy of the email or SMS you received, and your PHL passport, voter’s ID or iqama.


Step 6: Proceed to the SBEI designated to you by the Voter’s Assistance Desk.


Since the procedure requires verification and prior approval from COMELEC, all voters who wish to avail of this procedure are requested to do so NOW to account for the required processing time. END


Source: http://riyadhpe.dfa.gov.ph/

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