Pre-owned goods, demand high sales in Kuwait

Pre-owned goods for sale have become very popular with expatriates in Kuwait.
Pre-owned goods for sale have become very popular with expatriates in Kuwait. (photo credit to owner)

The world may wonder why a rich, coastal state like Kuwait has an interesting and quite demanding business of slightly used or pre-owned sales of goods. It is a fact that many places in Kuwait sell used, yet still functional items from ladies bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, home appliances, furniture, curtains and even gardening or carpentry tools.

Wealthy Kuwaiti families commonly change their furniture or house items quite often within a year. Expatriates come and go depending on their work and residence permit. These situations cause the accumulation of belongings that lead to garage sale, or social media posts online for buy and sell.

Many expatriates mostly from Asians like to buy pre-owned yet still in good shape and functional items. Others make use of these as gifts for their families, loved ones and friends when they take a vacation to their home country. Others buy slightly used items and cargo freight forward them back home to be sold in order to gain added income.

Friday markets are very common here in Kuwait as it is usually a day off for those who are working. Clients usually look for cheap priced goods but are still in good working condition. Pre-owned sports shoes cost less than 75% of the original price that is why many buy at these shops. The same also go for the many different items on sale.

As one shopper said “I buy at these second hand stores because I ams sending them back home for my family to sell and help augment the family income.” There is no prohibition in buying pre-owned or second hand things because one must be responsible in choosing what to purchase.

For the people who do garage sales, or set up shops or stores that sell pre-owned good and items, it is expected that they will only sell clean and functional things.

Source: Kuwait Times


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