Possible lower rent charges by year’s end

Housing for rent in Kuwait.
Housing for rent in Kuwait. (photo credit to owner)

According to Al Shahed Daily, there is a possibility that expatiates / migrant workers will experience paying lower rates by the end of this year. This is due to different factors like the decline in the real estate sector especially during the summer season.

The number of vacant flats too have reached about 100, 000 due to the influx of expatriates / migrant workers continuously looking for cheaper places to live. Representatives and spokes persons from the real estate sector revealed that the committee might be formed to study the market and adjust the rents accordingly during the coming phase.

This will be welcome news for the expatriate community who have always wanted to find and live in flats that are accessible to their place of work, to necessary places, functional and most important, reasonable rental rates.

Authorities are encouraging the expatriate community as well to be responsible in paying their rents and bills in order to avoid legal problems in terms of finance and face the consequences.


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