Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) held its 8th Middle East Regional Conference (MERC)

Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) held its 8th Middle East Regional Conference (MERC)

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME), a premier organization composing of 10 chapters all over the Middle East, recently held its 8th Middle East Regional Conference (MERC) at Millennium Hotel and Convention Centre in Salmiya.

The two-day conference was designed for better learning enhancement opportunities by resource speakers concerning various aspects of the mechanical engineering profession, as well as, activity programs to better strengthen the ties that bind PSME Middle East chapters and members.

PSME Got Talent was a showcase of fine entertainment held at the Inn and Go Plaza Hotel, hosted by Ms. Claire V. Constantino and Ms. Mary Grace H. Serafin.

Among the topics presented and their respective speakers were;

  • Solar panel design and its applications – Engr. Jonathan M. Po
  • Tyre plus sizing for automotive enthusiasts – Gene A. Rivera, PME, FPSME
  • Current trends and updates on the ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer Registry – Engr. Leandro Conti
  • Overview on Lifting and Moving Operations – Rosano S. Pirote, PME, FPSME, DTM
  • Smoke extraction and Star pressurization – Engr. Benito E. Licud, Jr. 7th MERC Chairman, PP PSME Bahrain

Words of encouragement from different PSME leaders in the Middle East region and national level motivated the society towards its theme, “PSME: United in the Enhancement of Professional Growth toward Global Competitiveness”

“The key to success of this journey will be Unity.”

– Jaime Jajay E. Cruz, PME, President – PSME National

“Employment and work opportunities now become an option in the ASEAN region. Let us then understand the qualification frameworks and be registered so we could be equally at par with our ASEAN counterparts in the practice of the Mechanical Engineering profession.” 

- Carlito E. Alpay, PME, FPSME, 
DTM Vice President for Foreign Affairs, PSME National

“With the knowledge and skills that we will gain, along with the unity and alliance forged, this will surely inspire us to soar to greater heights in our quest of becoming the “professionals of the future.” 

- Rommel A. Idris, PME, President, Bahrain Chapter

“The entire PSME is ours and we as members, must become her guardians, rather than the divisors.”  

- Alfredo V. Bagadiong, PME, Pres. Jeddah Chapter

“I really hope that some of us will review our options, that there is hope of setting an engineering consultancy in the Philippines in the near future.”

- Danilo A. Beltran, President 2017, PSME Oman 

“The collective effort and our resolve and determination with a common goal is a Challenge for us Filipino Mechanical Engineers here in the Middle East.“

– Ruben M. Raso, PME, Chapter President, Yanbu and Rabigh Chapter

Many professionals, in the quest for excellence in their field, sometimes fail to see the division that separates them from one another. The said conference encourages each Mechanical Engineer to rise above his profession positively, to uphold integrity, honesty, transparency, to be more responsible in daily life, to be a channel for better understanding and to become more people-oriented than before.

The Filipino resiliency is one of a kind, outstanding, unparalleled, noteworthy and with due recognition. How the Filipino overcomes adversities both personally and professionally is limitless. The strength in unity gives new hope, new beginning to foster brotherhood.

In the words of Jonathan M. Po, RME, 8th MERC Chairman, “Although disparities are inevitable among members, let us work hard to keep harmony in our beloved society.” Standing together for a common goal, for a united PSME is never impossible. Engr. Po was PSME Kuwait Chapter President 2016.

Presently, Engr. Mervin B. Villanueva is the President of PSME Kuwait Chapter. He has strong conviction that learning more is the key to a successful society. In his own words, “Success is increasingly based on the effective utilization of intangible assets, such as knowledge, skills and innovative potential as the key, which is the main reason why the organization has a continuous program for the continuous development of our young professionals in the different parts of the region.”

Even the Honorable Commissioner of the Professional Regulation Commission herself shares her insights,

“It pleases me to know that your group is conscious of the fact that we are living in a very competitive market and hence, you see the need to continually update and upgrade yourselves with the latest trends and practices in your field of endeavor.” Ar. Yolanda D. Reyes, FUAP, PIEP, HFAIA, APEC Architect, ASEAN Architect, Likha Awardee,
Commissioner, Professional Regulation Commission

The 8th MERC was hosted by PSME Kuwait Chapter with the following key persons and members’ concerted effort, produced a well-attended event. Their dedication and hard work will never go unnoticed and unheralded.

Conference Committee

Jaime Jajay E. Cruz – PSME National President

Carlito E. Alpay – VP Foreign Affairs

Arcedevillo F. Tandoc Jr. – VP International Operations

Jonathan M. Po – Conference Chairman


Middle East Chapter

Past MERC Chairmen

Charter & Past Presidents


Ritchie C. Nunez – Budget Officer


Conference Co-Chairmen

Middle East Chapter Presidents

Alfredo V. Bagadiong – Jeddah

Danilo A. Beltran – Oman

Jay A. Roces – CRSA

Ruben M. Raso – Yanbu & Rabigh

Rizzabelle C. Mendoza – Dubai, UAE

Rommel A. Idris – Bahrain

Mervin D. Villanueva – Kuwait

Nazaro P. Relente – Qatar


Finance Committee

Abdullah S. Guinda – Deputy Chairman

Alex M. Carandang – Co – Chairman

Sub – Committee Chairmen

Algerz M. Bringuez – Ways and Means

Gilbert C. Brotonel – Ads & Solicitation

Mohammad V. Cabugatan – Price and Donation

Almer S. Unaba – Sponsorship

Eric C. Gono – Raffle Ticket

Program Committee

Gene A. Rivera – Deputy Chairman

Jerick P. Vibora – Co – Chairman

Sub – Committee Chairmen

Alandrino T. Pitogo – Program

Jonatahn M. Enriquez – Entertainment

Alfredo M. Avila – Sports

Eddie Son A. Padilla – Technical Papers

Reynaldo C. Meneses – Press Release

Administration Committee

Jeremias C. Lopez – Deputy Chairman

Eddie Son A. Padilla – Co – Chairman

Sub – Committee Chairmen

Angelito D. Mendoza – Secretariat and Attendance

Marlon M. Diego – Physical Arrangement

Reynaldo V. Viloria – Permit and Formalities, Transportation and Accommodation

The encouragement, motivation and support of the Philippines Society of Mechanical Engineers

2017 Board of Directors is emulative as well. Grateful to have the forerunners in these men and women Mechanical Engineers;

Jaime Jajay E. Cruz – President

Jerry L. Tecson – Executive Vice President 

Alipio N. Bacalso, Jr. – VP Internal Affairs

George S. Yorobe – VP External Affairs

Ramon S. Aguilus – VP Technical Affairs

Vitaliano F. Mamawal III – Secretary

Dindo F. Nicolas – Treasurer

German P. Villafuerte – VP – NCR 

Lino S. Diamante – VP – Luzon

Sergio G. Paspe – VP – Visayas

Roberto E. Sollano – VP – Mindanao

Lemie S. Leonida – Director / PRO

Gladys M. Villamor – Director / MIDO

Bernardo M. Terrobias – Director / SPO 

Noe M. Dulay – Director / Auditor

Arcedevillo F. Tandoc Jr. – VP International Operations

Carlito E. Alpay – VP Foreign Affairs

Leandro A. Conti – Immediate Past President

National Secretariat

Anna R. Molina – Senior Executive Officer

Amelia J. Ricablanca – Secretary

Margie M. Bugayong – Secretary

The host chapter extends its gratitude to everyone who came and participated in the conference. Kudos to PSME Kuwait Chapter 2017 Board of Directors and Executive Officers namely;

Mervin D. Villanueva, RME – Chapter President

Jeremias C. Lopez, RME – Executive Vice-President

Algerz M. Bringuez, RME – Vice-President Internal

Alfred Abram E. Bayona, RME – Vice-President External

Ritchie C. Nunez, RME – Vice-President Technical

Angelito D. Mendoza, RME – Chapter Secretary

Ishtarr L. Tagarino, RME – Asst. Chapter Secretary

Eddie Son A. Padilla, RME – Chapter Treasurer

Jake Daryl Lara, RME – Asst. Chapter Treasurer

Jonathan L. Enriquez, PME – Chapter Auditor

Marlon M. Diego, ME – Asst. Chapter Auditor

Mohammad M. Cabugatan, RME – Press Relations Officer

Alex M. Carandang, RME – Board of Director

Gilbert C. Brotonel, RME – Board of Director

Alandrino T. Pitogo, RME – Board of Director

Reynaldo C. Meneses, RME – Board of Director

Eric C. Gono, RME – Board of Director


Past President

Abdullah S. Guinda, PME – Past President 2014-2015

Francisco L. Olpindo III, RME – Past President, 2013-2014

Ernesto A. Blanza, PME – Past President, 2012-2013

Alfredo M. Avila, RME – Past President

There is no perfect organization but if each member tries to look beyond diversity and move towards unity – there will be endless possibilities for PSME Middle East.

Kabayan in Kuwait extends its respect and congratulations to PSME Middle East Chapters on their recent 8th Middle East Regional Conference.

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