Philippine Embassy in Kuwait Updates and On-Going Guidelines on the Amnesty – 25 January

On the Amnesty: Updates and Ongoing Guidelings, 25, January posted by ConGen Atty. Raul Dado


1. There are reports that some immigration offices are turning away amnesty applicants

2. This means that some officials at those levels are still adjusting

3. Our course of action:

A) Those with ABSCONDING, THEFT, or other LEGAL cases, please continue to register your name at the embassy in Faiha; look for Ms. Jenny Torres.

Don’t go to immigration yet. We will all go together with embassy teams. We will send you SMS messages as soon as possible on when we will go.

B) Those with NO CASES but are only overstaying, if for any reason the immigration refuses to accept your payments of the fines, also please register your names at the Philippine embassy in Faiha with Ms. Jenny.

We will speak with the immigration office involved.

4. This is also to remind everyone to pay the fines at the immigration office of the governorate where you live.

Please stand by for updates. Let’s stay together.

Thanks and God bless !

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