Philippine Embassies and OFWs in the Mid-East Seek Closer Cooperation with NGOs Against Human Trafficking

Last April 26, 2014, the different Philippine embassies in the Mid-East propose closer cooperation with NGOs and OFW organizations in the different countries in the region on the matter of trafficking, a form of modern slavery.

This is already being done in KUWAIT with the active participation of the different Filipino in Kuwait organizations in raids and rescues of Filipino victims of trafficking here.

In this regard, the Embassy thanks the Filipinos in KUWAIT for its continued concern and vigilance.

This renewed cooperation was one of the initiatives suggestedby the different embassies which met in Ankara, Turkey, from 21-28 April for a Department of Foreign Affairs and United Nations Workshop on the matter.
The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait made a unique power point presentation on “Stopping the Cycle of Abuse”, featuring the raids and rescues by the embassy of abused domestic OFWs.

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