Philippine Ambassadors and Consular Officials in the Region Meet in Turkey for the OFW Welfare-0

April 24, 2014: Philippine officials from the different embassies in the Middle East met in Ankara, Turkey, from 21-28 April for a Department of Foreign Affairs and United Nations Workshop on Human Traffic
king, highlighting the existing challenges and proposed solutions in this field to further increase the security of our Overseas Filipino Workers.

The workshop was a pioneering effort by the Philippines and international organizations, and hopes to seek ways to curb the effects of this modern slavery of the OFWs by upgrading the skills of embassy personnel.

Laws of the United Nations were discussed as well as Philippine laws on trafficking.

Undersecretary Jess Yabes of Migrant Workers Affairs, Executive Director Rey Catapang of the same office, and Ambassador Rowena Sanchez of Philippine Embassy Turkey led the discussions.

Also present were officials of the International Organization of Migration or IOM, the United Nations Organization on Drugs and Crimes or UNODC, and officials from the Philippine DSWD.

The Philippine Embassy in KUWAIT made a power point presentation on “Stopping the Cycle of Abuse”, featuring the raids and rescues by the embassy of abused domestics.

Congen Dado and Mr. Mar Hassan, ATN supervisor, made the presentation.

Philippine Ambassadors

(In picture, Ambassador Lamberto V. Monsanto, at left, leads the delegation from Kuwait).



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