Pharmacy Units Angered by Minister’s Decision

MOHDr. Muhammad Al-Haifi, Minister of Health, issued a decision to commission 88 pharmacists in Kuwait in pharmacy units across health zones which had brought angry reactions from pharmacists who believe they deserve promotion.  Dr. Farah Abdulhameed, board member of the Kuwait Pharmacists Association, mediated and advised the aggrieved pharmacists to formally address their concern to the association before Dr. Omar Al-Saved Omar, the Assistant Undersecretary for Pharmaceutical Affairs and Medical Equipment returns from abroad.

Dr. Farah said in her statement that she observed the general anger from pharmacists in Kuwait across various health zones after the decision of the minister was issued and there must have to be something done in support of the aggrieved pharmacists. She also hopes that the committee’s role apportioned to nominate pharmacists for the supervisory positions be activated. The KPA board member also promised that the association is going to hold a meeting with the Assistant Undersecretary Omar immediately when he returns.

Some sources from the Ministry of Health said that the Minister has made errors a lot of times in appointing pharmacists who didn’t deserve the promotion, and also appointing others as division managers when they deserved to be head sections after twelve years of service.


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