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OFW Remittance’s Importance to the Philippines

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Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are considered the modern heroes of Philippine society.

Heroes are not dead, they actually live to this day and modern heroes of Philippine Society are us, the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

In search of a better life for our loved ones and families we sought work in other lands that are either near or far yet altogether unfamiliar from what we are used too at home. We are either professionals or skilled workers, migrant wives and migrant husbands but whatever is our work and status overseas, we all have a common goal, a quest – that is to be able to send remittance to our loved ones, our families back in the Philippines.

Remittance that sustain their daily needs, education, dreams, medication, hospital bills for untoward incidences also retirement savings and investment for our old age. Government and private institutions know that remittances are the supportive brace of the Philippine economy since decades and decades ago, if not the backbone of it.

May of us may only be high school undergraduates, high school graduates, college undergraduates and work blue collar jobs but nevertheless, we are the modern heroes of the Philippines. We ask you to keep away from our balikbayan boxes and remember that the remittance we send do not only sustain our families, but the Philippines in general.

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