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We are thankful to all our readers here at Kabayan in Kuwait for the continuous support you give our (yours and ours) website. In our desire to enhance our service to all of you, we are starting a new category called OFW in Kuwait Guide or OKG. This will have more information about Kuwait, our host country, expat life in Kuwait, work in Kuwait, lifestyle, medical and other legal aspects you need to know.

Information about Work Permit in Kuwait. (photo credit to owner)
Information about Work Permit in Kuwait. (photo credit to owner)

Join us in exploring the State of Kuwait starting with; Work Permit.

It should be known that citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States aside from Kuwait, namely, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are exempted from securing work permit to be employed here in Kuwait. Expatriates of all other nationalities then need to have a valid employment offer from a legal company. The employer acts as the sponsor for the expatriate employee while he is working here in Kuwait.

In short, the following is the process required before entry to Kuwait when Employment is endorsed:

1. The sponsor will receive a work permit for the employee and he will then send it to the employee who needs to get it verified by the local Kuwait embassy. The employee also needs to get a medical certificate only from a doctor recognized by the local Kuwait Embassy. There are some employers / sponsors who go to lengths to get the paperwork done for the employee, even gets the documents verified by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait and forward it to the employee still staying overseas.

2. If the prospect new employee is currently on a Visit Visa then he will need to go back home and process the necessary documents for his legal employment. It must be clear that no person on a Visit Visa to Kuwait can be employed directly.

3. It is very important for the prospect new employee to have a valid passport not shorter than 2 years in expiration date.

4. A medical certificate is very important prior to employment in Kuwait in order for the State to know if the prospective migrant worker has infectious disease and his medical history be clear and fit to work.

5. Security clearance includes finger printing at a designated department.

6. The residence application follows and a residency permit to be issued.

7. For the employee to sponsor his spouse or dependent child / children to come and live in Kuwait, he must have a minimum salary of KD 250 per month. However, there are some professions that waive this rule.  It should also be know that wives of expatriate workers can be sponsored indefinitely thru Family Visa  but male children can be sponsored only until they are 21 years old.

8. Expatriate residents are required to obtain a Civil ID Card within thirty days of receipt of their residency permit which is valid for 2 years. Application must be made at the Public Authority for Civil Information office and they can give you details of all the documentation you will require.

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