Obama Hosts Iftar as Salute to Muslim Americans

iftarLast Thursday, United States President Barack Obama held a Ramadan dinner (Iftar) at the White House in salute of the Muslim Americans for their outstanding contributions in building the US as technology innovators, medical pioneers, and business entrepreneurs.

Obama said during the dinner that “Ramadan is a time of reflection, a chance to demonstrate one’s devotion to God through prayer and through fasting, but it’s also time for family and friends to come together.” He also said in his speech that it has been a tradition in the White House to celebrate holy days of different faiths, also adding that these special occasions define the diversity of the American country and the freedom of worship.

Obama also said that citizens of Middle Eastern countries and Americans fight for economic entrepreneurship and opportunities to reach a common goal. “We work a little harder, we aim a little higher and we keep striving to create more opportunity for our children and future generations”. He added, “Of course this isn’t just the American dream, it’s the aspiration of people around the world. It’s the basic, human desire for progress, to find dignity that comes from work to give our children something better.”

Members of the administration, religious leaders, diplomatic corps, and elected officials joined the President at the Iftar held at the White House in the State Dining Room.


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