No Visit Visa Process Indefinitely

Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passport Affairs, Major General Sheikh Mazen Al – Jarrah Al – Sabah stated that an expatriate working and living in Kuwait will not be allowed to apply for Visit Visa sponsoring a parent or sibling born in 1950 or earlier, indefinitely.

This is to prevent the strategy of many expatriates who bring their sick parents and relatives to Kuwait so they can avail free medical services and treatment, as Kuwait is very considerate of its expatriate population. Another rampant situation being seen around Kuwait most especially during the Ramadan is the begging of foreigners when Kuwaitis are focused more than ever to alms giving / charity/ Shadaqa.

Directors of the Residency Department in all six (6) Kuwait Governorates to suspend the issuance of extention to all types of Visit Visa until further notice. According to some government sources, the Ministry of Interior has proposed to increase some residency fees for expatriates like Visit Visa charge from KD 2 to KD 30 for each month of stay and renewable every 3 months.

There are also proposal to increase fees for dependency Visa for spouses and children from KD 100 (for wife) to KD 200 and for each child from KD 1o0 to KD 150. To obtain a Via for a parent is currently KD 200 but might increase to KD 300. Renewal for all types of  Visas from KD 10 to KD 20.

The increase in expatriate residency fees is due to the falling of international oil prices.

Source: Kuwait Times

One of the recently approved directives in Kuwait concerns visit visa.
One of the recently approved directives in Kuwait concerns visit visa. (photo credit to owner)

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