New Resolution from COMELEC Manila Regarding Election Offenses

Kuwait: Consul General Raul H. Dado posted on his FB account an important notice about the new resolution from COMELEC Manila (Dated last April 13)


I. Taking the receipt out of the polling place and making unfounded complaints have been introduced as election offenses, according to a new resolution of the COMELEC released on 12 April 2016.
The COMELEC ruled that the receipt is an official document and cannot be taken out of the polling place. This applies to ballots, secrecy folders, and marking pens.
Moreover, taking pictures in the polling area for whatever reason is prohibited under the new COMELEC resolution.
According to COMELEC chairman Andres Bautista, this is to prevent unfounded accusations that will cast doubt on the credibility of the elections.

To ensure transparency, let’s do the following:

  1.  Accomplish your ballot and insert the ballot into the voting machine
  2. Wait for the print-out (receipt)
Check if the votes you cast are the ones in the print-out
  4. SIGN THE BACK OF THE PRINT-OUT. This is evidence of the person voting and the votes that he or she cast.
Drop the print-out into the receptacle

The receptacle will be secured. VOTERS CAN SEE THESE PROCEDURES. As a matter of evidence, the signed print-outs can be examined in any query.

II. In the meantime, the Embassy sent a new request today to the COMELEC to allow those who have registered but who are not in the voting list, to vote.
Persons who were not allowed to vote may thus do the following:

  1. List your names with Ms. Madz Nebres at the first floor
Present your registration stub or your Voters’ ID
  3. Execute an affidavit that you have actually registered

We have again sent a formal request to the COMELEC, and will keep on requesting as long as there are people who can’t vote, but who have registered.

For more inquiries, please see us at the Embassy Citizens’ Inquiry Center at the embassy second floor.
Stay with me. God Bless.

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